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Innovative Cinematographer

Rich Schaefer

Creator of compelling images and thinker of fresh ideas!

I Love What I Do!
I love telling stories!
I really enjoy the challenge of creating something amazing. Collaborating with directors to achieve their visions is one of my favorite parts of the job; through that, I’m able to appreciate all the time and effort creators put into their work. I love working with agency creatives and clients to help a brand or a message become more compelling and effective, and I love the colorful cast and crew that come together to make a project look its absolute best. I enjoy using technical machines because now, more than ever, computers are the paintbrushes of my craft!
I really love love love what I do!
How Did I Get Here?
My story: I started playing the drums at age 10, which led to playing in high school rock bands and doing lighting and sound for my groups and others. While in high school, I also fell in love with the theater department, specifically the culture and the technical side of the art. I developed a love of rock and punk music. Most of all, I really developed a passion for the art of lighting and sound. I then studied film/tv at Chapman University. I specialized in Cinematography. I was the guy who shot everyone’s projects. Right after graduation, I bought my first camera, an Aaton 16mm film camera. With that, I shot a lot of music videos and commercials. And the rest is pretty much history.

Rich is a Maker!

In his Laboratory:

Custom CAD Designed parts
cut on our CNC machine.
Camera parts
rigging plates
product holders
3D Printing
Custom CAD Designed parts
made on our 3D Printer.
Camera parts
Product holders
TIG, MIG, Plasma Cutting…
Lots of ways to build custom camera lighting and product rigs!
After a hard days work,
It’s nice to have a cold draught beer!
Kegerator in the shop
What I Do
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting Design
  • CAD Lighting Plots
  • Custom Product Rigs
  • Custom Shooting Rigs
  • CAD designs
  • Fabrication
  • 3D Printing
  • CNC Machining